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lundi, mars 08, 2010

Chile earthquake beforeshock lights, aftershock nuclear link enlightenment


Following Chile's powerful aftershock this week, investigations revealed a nuclear testing connection to the earthquakes, increasing interest in beforeshock lights. Chilean eyewitnesses further descibed these bright lights and how to help suffering Chileans.

Aurora type lighting has been associated with earthquakes for a long time according to some reports (See youtube video #1 below) and various theories explain these. Imperialist government secrets about geoengineering and high-tech earthquake weapons that have been tested, plus increased awareness of the weapon of mass detsruction, HAARP that can trigger earthquakes correlate with increased concern and fear related to earthquakes and other "natural disasters." People, especially those of color in the South, wonder which country is next. Dr. Nick Begich reports that the government and military use "word games" as a cover. (See #2 video below)

A new wave of attention to earthquake lights recently occurred after Journalist Cecillia Lagos and another eyewitness, Lorena Rios described the frightening, odd, bright lights before the recent monumental earthquake in Chile.

Ms. Lagos, from her home in Santiago, said in the February 27, 2010 CCN report (#3 Youtube video below at 00:19) that "the sky was changing colors as if it was 'Apocalypse Now." She stated two days ago that the lights were the most frightening part of the quake.

Ms. Lorena Rios was driving in her car in Santiago when the earthquake struck Chile. She tells CNN (Youtube below at
00:37) that there was "some type of lightning in the sky, as if they were shutting down the electricity."

Another Chilean has stated that there is much discussion in the country about the lights people saw. (See: Dupre, (video) Chilean TV HAARP quake WMD special program, Examiner)

Similar odd lighting was noted by witnesses in China and in Haiti moments before their last major earthquakes that devastaed them. One news reporter downplayed eyewitness reports and citizen discussions about the odd quake lights saying something to the effect that bright odd lighting is always associated with earthquakes because of gasses released. "Tectonic stresses ionizing the atmosphere to the release of gasses." Earthquake lights have become a source of attention by geologist such as Andrew Alden. (See Andrew Alden,
No, They Weren't Earthquake Lights, May 27, 2008)

In a least developing nation (with minimal modern energy resources), where one of the world's oldest living cultures survives, despite intensive experiences with earthquakes, the people say that the frightening bright lights during 2002 earthquake was something new. In the article, CLG implies Chile HAARP Quake: Great ball of fire?, it was reported that a "bright glow was seen and reported by hundreds of people, locals and tourists, during Vanuatu's 7.3 earthquake in 2002. The writer witnessed that bright glow there during that quake around 4 a.m."

Awakened by the quake's violent jolts, the writer saw in the unusually lighted room the bedroom curtains appearing to stand straight out horizontally due to the house tilting. After struggling down the stairs in the dark with three other people occupying the house at the time, the brightest flash occurred within seconds of the quake.

Each occupant had automatically attempted to turn on upstairs lights to better see down the stairs that were moving up and down, (not sideways), but the electricity was out. When at the bottom of the stairs, within a minute of the quake, an exceptionally bright, white light lit the entire downstairs. It was so odd, even amdist what felt like a near death experience, the four questioned how that light could have been possible.

"Vanuatu's indigenous population and one of the World's oldest living cultures that inhabits a remote and pristine tropical paradise area, reported that they had never before seen a bright glow during earthquakes.

"They did notice with great curiosity, due to its unusual presence there in the Port Vila harbor, the huge U.S. Navy ship that had unceremoniously moved in a couple of days before the quake, leaving before the quake as quietly as it had arrived." (See: CLG implies Chile HAARP Quake: Great ball of fire?)

Aftershock report on nuclear 'tests,' quakes, suspicious deaths and secrets

Investigative reporter, Wayne Madsen reports on suspicious deaths, possible suicided cases involving employees at the UN's Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO) offices. For example, he highlights the death of U.N. seismographic monitoring expert, Timothy Hampton who worked in the CTBTO's International Data Center Division that collects seismographic data on tremors from 255 monitoring stations around the world. (See WMR, Is there an ongoing government "cataclysm cover-up?, Mar 4, 2010)

Now Hampton's colleagues at CTBTO live in fear, possibly due to the "fact that the UN agency's global network of 255 certified seismographic monitoring stations may be recording cataclysmic changes in the earth's crust that governments and the UN want to keep secret from the public. The subsurface seismic monitors are able to distinguish between nuclear tests and natural tremors." (Madsen)

"The recent spate of powerful earthquakes in Haiti, Chile (Concepcion-Santiago and the latest 6.3 quake in Antofagasta in the north), Taiwan, and the South Pacific suggest that contrary to what the U.S. Geological Survey (USPS) claims is "normal" is far from commonplace."

Furthermore, Madsen reports that CTBTO seismographic monitoring stations are located in areas of recent earthquake activity." The staitons are in Ushuaia, Coronel Fontana, Limon Verde, Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe Island, and Juan Fernandez Island, Chile; Guadeloupe, Puerto la Cruz, and San Juan in the Caribbean; and Guangzhou, China.

Even more unsettling is the WMR findings from sources close to the USGS that the agency that have disclosed that "part of the Department of Interior, is 'cooking' magnitude figures on earthquakes with a tendency toward downgrading them in strength."

It is no small wonder that in earthquake-ravaged Chile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's photo-op visit angered the Chileans.

Madsen's concludes that "[a}fter U.S. government agencies were caught lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, details about the hurricane Katrina disaster on the Gulf coast, and a number of other issues, the question can now be asked: Is the U.S. government engaged in a cataclysm cover-up?"

This conclusion reflects the groundswell of voices around the world.

#2 Youtube video:

#3 Youtube video:

Deborah Dupré holds a B.S, M.S. and post-graduate diploma from U.S. and Australian universities, She has been a human and civil rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Feel free to support her work at www.DeborahDupre.com and by subscribing to Dupré's reports. She respectfully requests posting the link to this site (rather than entire article) unless republishing permission is granted. (Email info@DeborahDupre.com.) Dupré's recent book, Operation H1N1: Vaccine Liberty or Death, is available at DeborahDupre.com.

Learn more, take responsible action and keep asking, "Why" and "Why not?" For the full reports, see the first video MSNBC: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/...and the 2nd part CNN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DEVLS.... To help Chileans, Cecilia Lagos suggested to the writer the following organizations and information, emphasizing #4:

1. http://www.embajada-online.com/listado-de-embajadas-de-Chile-en-Norteamérica-P36C21. htm - ("A guide to our embassies in the world. This is the page to find out in the USA.)

2. http://jardin-interior.blogspot.com/2010/03/chile-ayuda-chile-chile-helps-chile.html (Lagos writes, "This is my website with one the official websites where people from abroad can donate money to our relief funds in a reliable way.")

3. www.hogardecristo.cl ("This is another official website to donate reliably.")

4. www.untechoparachile.cl ("This is the one that I'm linking to, on my website.")

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