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jeudi, février 11, 2010

Breaking: meteorite crash in Mexico

Ahuazotepec .- Authorities reported a meteorite falling on Wednesday afternoon between the towns of Ahuazotepec and Cuautepec, which allegedly caused the cave-a bridge.

According to the Municipal Police Huauchinango, the first reports out there being injured and ensure that the impact generated a roar that was heard up Zacatlan and Tulancingo, Hidalgo.

The radio station Tulancingo XENQ was who gave the scoop a few hours ago. According to Jorge Martinez, a reporter for XENQ, from 15:30 received reports of people in Huauchinango, Tulancingo Pachuca Tulancingo borders and even they said they had heard a loud explosion.

The Puebla information portal, e-consulta.com, said the incident took place today at 18:30 hours between the two populations and noted that the site has reached the Mexican army to cordon off the area.

Initially authorities believed the impact was by the falling aircraft. However, on reaching the place, they realized that the phenomenon left a hole 30 meters in diameter.