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dimanche, janvier 31, 2010

Olympics Terrorists = Canadians?

The threat of a 'terror attack', most likely a false flag, are very real and it looks to me like the media and governments are doing their best to portray protesters as terrorists. What would the globalists have to gain from staging a false flag in Canada? That is the question, because if the goal here is to make Canadians look like terrorists, that is very different from causing an incident and using as a pretense to go to war against a foreign country. What I am concerned about is that they may move to the next step and take their domestic war efforts to the next level.

Kinder-Morgan (missing fertilizer) and the NWO connection- watch this video, very well explained

Chlorine: Terrorist gas attack threat?

Protesters are right up there with Al CIAida now

CBC portraying Native protesters as terrorists:

Harry Bloy from BC Liberal Party says protesters are terrorists
"He took the opportunity to denounce those Canadians who choose to exercise their rights under section 2(b) of the Charter, stating in the Legislature Monday that people who protest the Winter Olympics are nothing more than terrorists with limited intellect."

Free Speech Zones at Olympics

Use of provocateurs at Montebello Quebec meeting exposed, 2007

Provocateurs at G20 in Pittsburgh 2009 - totally busted