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jeudi, décembre 03, 2009

CLIMATEGATE PETITION Suspension Climate Research Unit

The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia is a leading centre for the investigation of manmade global warming and government policy relies on the integrity of these statistics. Several claims have been made: that data was cherry picked to make the 20th century temperature rise look exceptional in historical terms; emails suggest the unit has colluded in tricks to hide the decline in a high profile scientific journal, and this unit has colluded in active, secret and highly political campaigning through the website realclimate.

The preparation of climate statistics require many judgements: stations move & sites become surrounded by urban sprawl (urban heating) & a judgement must be made of the size of the offset to apply to the global temperature record. The University accepts most emails are genuine so it appears the Unit has been acting in a highly partisan way incompatible with that of a neutral body preparing and interpreting government data. We call on the PM to suspend all further use of the climate research