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vendredi, novembre 27, 2009

Chinese Doctor Questions Official H1N1 Death Toll

The H1N1 flu virus has claimed thousands of lives around the world. In China, the worlds most populous country, the regimes official death toll is 53.

But Dr. Zhong Nanshan says he doubts this figure released by the Chinese regimes Ministry of Health.

[Dr. Zhong Nanshan, Director of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases]:
"I don't believe the official confirmation of these numbers because even in the United States, the (U.S. Centers of Disease Control) said the actual number is much higher in the U.S. than the reported cases. How high? It will be 140 times higher. So I think China will be the same."

Dr. Zhong says local health officials are underreporting the number of H1N1 deaths, because a high death toll reflects badly on them.

[Dr. Zhong Nanshan, Director of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases]:
"Some of the local healthcare authorities are reluctant, unwilling to test those patients with severe pneumonia because there's some latent rule that's to say the more deaths by the H1N1 flu, the less the achievement of your control work and prevention work in your area."

On Wednesday, Chinese state media reported a genetic mutation has been found in eight H1N1 flu cases in the mainland.

Dr. Zhong says the deaths should be reported accurately to see if theres any sudden increase that would indicate mutations in the H1N1 flu strain.

[Dr. Zhong Nanshan, Director of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases]:
"If there is really a re-assortment between the H1N1 and H5N1 that would be a disaster. So this is something we need to monitor, the mutation of the virus. This is why I think we should be, in reporting the death rate, it should be done in a transparent way.

Three cases of mutation of the virus have been reported in Norway. Its being investigated by the World Health Organization.