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mardi, septembre 29, 2009

Oklahoma City bombing 1995: FBI coverup of evidence

These revelations about Oklahoma City are the tip of the iceberg--and serve as 'baby steps' to even greater treason, mass murder and crimes against humanity. If what is shown in the next article is true, treason and mass murder must be investigated, identified and rooted out of the private and public sectors.

It is said that mass media breeds mass deception.

Associated Press, September 28, 2009

Withheld and now altered surveillance tapes likely hold information that would reveal who really orchestrated the Oklahoma City bombing:

Why wasn't this series of local news reports broadcast nationally--and who were the mass media gatekeepers who kept the rest of the country in the dark about bombs INSIDE the OK City Federal building?

Many of us have known for years that the OK City bombing (one truck bomb, right?) was an inside job. Here's proof that bombs were also INSIDE the Alfred Murrah Federal Building:

After seeing the local news clips--which were not echoed nationally--can we trust our government to protect us from terrorists?

FBI Director Robert Mueller and FBI Director Larry Potts should be questioned under oath about the Oklahoma City bombing and the apparent coverup and withholding of evidence. National media outlets should be accountable for withholding from national attention the local news broadcasts in the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.