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mercredi, septembre 30, 2009

Nicolas Sarkozy NWO Speech on October 23rd 2008

This crisis, at first, we had to try to control it.
This crisis is clearly unresolvable without a massive state intervention.
The urgency of this crisis call for a new economic order, financial, monetary...
This crisis express itself a deep need for politics.
This crisis will undoubtedly mark for History the real beginning of the 21st century.
This moment, where everybody would understand, that it's time for us to change, the time to give a new face to globalization.
The time to build a New World Order, politic, economic, social, established on new principles and new rules.

In Europe's name, as President of the European Union, I've proposed that we had a World Summit where we can discuss and decide these new principles and rules before the end of the year.
This reunion, this Summit, will be held in the United States, on next November 15th (2008).
This reunion, I'm telling you my fellow citizen, must not be pointless.
And because the ones who's responsible for this actual situation must not be the ones that find the new solutions.
The World Summit to restructure capitalism, was proposed by Europe.
The New World Order, will be built around the Europe proposition.
The Europe must have the means to take their role in this uprising new world.
The Europe must prepare itself, the Europe must not be the adjustable variable of the new world order.
In the coming world, the Europe will need a greater philosophy of the will than before.
More than ever, the Europe become aware of they we need a economic government, that we just experienced, the utility of it.
This economic government, is naturally Europe who must be the framework.
Our economic strategy, must not only permit us to do better, it must permit us to give the best chance possible to succeed in this reorganizing world.
In this world, the competition will not be easier, will be be harder.
And to sell or products, to attract investments, to keep our business and jobs,to increase our purchasing power, we must be more competitive, we must work more... We are the only country in the world who works only 35 hours a week. Fortunately, the government of Francois Fillion freed us from this. No country in the world made the choice to work less. How can it work?
That the impositions of shops opening on Sunday must get fiercely be more flexible. The structural reforms engaged since the Presidential election aren't less necessary, less urgent for critical situation, I think, on the contrary, these structural reforms are more required than ever, and I must accelerate the pace, rather than slowing down.
A reform is necessary, but it's not sufficient.
It's the philosophy of the will that will be the best antidote against the dangerous temptation of protectionism, against anti-capitalism, against bureaucratic intervention that the actual disorder will inevitably foster.
And doubt will grow if the French population sense that we are hiding something. It's from the bottom of my heart that I want to tell you...
Long live France.
Long live the Republic.