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dimanche, septembre 06, 2009

Japan's New First Lady Claims Alien Experience

Japan's next prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, may be nicknamed "the alien", but his wife, Miyuki, claims her own "E.T." experience.

Hatoyama embraces his moniker, given for his prominent eyes, while Miyuki in a book last year said she was abducted while asleep 20 years ago, riding on a triangular UFO to Venus.

Describing the nearby planet as beautiful and green, the 66-year-old former actress gave the extra-terrestrial lowdown in the book, "Very Strange Things I've Encountered."

Yukio, who likely will become premier Sept. 16, met his wife while studying in the U.S., where Miyuki spent close to 10 years -- on Earth.

But the future first lady of Japan, who campaigned for her husband's Democratic Party in Sunday's landslide election win, says the sunset that day meant victory.

[Miyuki Hatoyama, Incoming First Lady]:
"When I saw the sunset, it was a brilliant red. The minute, I saw it, I realized that history had changed."

On a daytime talk show earlier this year, Miyuki told viewers about her friendship with Tom Cruise in a past life and a desire now to make a movie with him.

But rather than fear the New Age wife, Japanese say she's a breath of fresh air compared to other first spouses.

[Kasumoto, Retiree]:
"She's fun and she acts like she's from outer space and that's definitely a rare characteristic for a first lady."

Author of several works including a macrobiotic cookbook, Miyuki is also Yukio's fashion muse, keeping "the alien" grounded but also very human