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vendredi, juillet 17, 2009


Obama charged with treason, Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, July 17, 2009, Obama Treason charges from the Military, Chalice Grand Jury update

July 17, 2009 ·

Just in from Chalice of the Chalice Radio Show:

** This was corrected by Chalice a few minutes after the original post **

Chalice 7-17-08

Commander Walter Fitzpatrick (Ret.) was the first Officer to charge Obama with Treason. Today, two additional Officers have signed charges of Treason against Obama, and more are sure to follow. Additionally, Carl Swensson will be soliciting for we, “The People,” as civilians to charge Obama with Treason. The Citizen Grand Jury will serve these charges to every member of Congress on August 2-5 such that there will not be a single congressman or woman who can stand behind a defense that they were not informed. The Citizen Grand Jury is working along with Gerry Donaldson ( http://www.drawaline.org/ ) to hold elected officials accountable to we, The People.

Check out Carl Swensson’s site ( www.riseupforamerica.com ) to get the most current updates on the status of Treason charges to be served to Congress on August 2-5. In addition, Carl is assisting others across the country in setting up Grand Juries regarding Obama’s eligibility to serve as President.

If you are interested in convening a Grand Jury in your state or county, contact Carl and Gerry Donaldson! Gerry Donaldson’s expertise teaches America about the Citizen Grand Jury process for we, The People, to constitutionally hold elected officials accountable to their oath in office. This applies at all levels of government.

Serving Congress with notice of the grievances, provides evidence of The People’s grievances and is part of holding them accountable to their oath of office.

As Citizen Journalists, with the purpose of recording history in the making, PatriotsHeartNetwork is traveling with the Citizen Grand Jury to Washington DC on August 2-5 to hand serve, with receipts, EVERY member of Congress the following:

1) Treason charges from the Military
2) Treason charges from Civilians
3) Grand Jury Presentments from the Citizen Grand Jury and the American Grand Jury

We the People Congress has prepared legal Petitions for Redress which were initially served to Congress in June 2008. Our teams will serve the 2009 Congress while in Washington, with receipts of service. Read and sign these IMPORTANT petitions Here
( www.givemeliberty.org/RTPLawsuit/SignPetitions.htm )

We ask you to travel with us in email, in twitter, on facebook, on the air…. in person…. However you are willing and able! Call your Congressmen and women, make an appointment for them to be personally served! Contact your Congressional officials showing your support, both beforehand and during the three day marathon! Your involvement will help to build the momentum and it will help to protect those who are making this journey to DC on Aug 2-5, 2009. Your participation WILL make a difference and you will be able to see that difference as you follow the teams.

Also, donations are needed to get both teams there! Please go to our website www.Patriot’sHeartNetwork.net to help send a team to Washington! Your donations are much appreciated and will pay for travel and lodging for the 5 teams. Each team consists of a Citizen Grand Jury Representative and a Citizen Journalist. It will take 3 very long days to serve all 535 members of Congress.