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lundi, juin 22, 2009

911stealth FBI Order: Line of Civilians Removing Evidence from Pentagon

3 footage sources on September 11-12, 2001: WTTG - FOX News, FOX 5, Loose Change Final Cut.

See: geocities.com/chrisbornag


When FBI will release the results of the small particles picked by these people? Never? Why such a line combing the lawn far from the impact site? What where they retrieving?

At that time Michael Chertoff had his hands inside the FBI as assistant Attorney General at the DOJ criminal division heading up the investigation of 9-11 (2001-2003), so every movement of FBI people on 9/11 is highly involved with removing witnesses, materials and everything else pointing to the real criminals. Now Chertoff is on the "real ID" mark of the beast push.

Chertoff wrote in the newspaper (Houston Chronicle, E6, Sunday. January 20, 2008):

"That is a core 9/11 Commission recommendation, a key congressional mandate and something that the American people overwhelmingly support."

We respond: NO! First, the 9/11 ommissions report is a piece of mythology of the official version, ignores the existence of WTC7, E-4B, Melted Iron, Mineta's Testimony, TV-Fakery, etc..., etc... and pushes the issues needed to remove your God Given freedoms, such as the abominable "real id".

Chertoff further adds: "...remember what I said about checks, babysitters and planes."

And yes, he is talking about the phantom 9/11 "planes" hitting WTC, Pentagon and Shanksville. He uses the fearmongering PsyOps strategy to have everyone inside the system with the ancestor of the mark of the beast: the "real ID". Say "NO" to Mr. Chertoff's dirty plans.

He is NOT for America, study him, his ties, his relateives, and their purposes, on YouTube and the Internet:

M. Chertoff declared: "I don't think the American people make sense"

So, what is he? He is a NON for the American citizen, that's for sure.

Within the very first minute jewish Chertoff keeps "juicing" the events of 9/11 to pursue the official farce of taking over the rights of the free Americans, he uses, as the reporter declares a little bit before minute 3:00 "a pretty heavy hammer over the States", yes, he does NOT care about the American freedoms, he cares about his kin people having "an eye" over we Americans:

Any doubt, hear him from yourself, from the news, starting at 2:10 at:

Homeland Security Michael Chertoff:Another 911 w/o REAL ID

This jew monster declared in his creepy voice taking an even "harder line", as the reporter puts it: "if we don't get it done now, someone is going to be sitting arond in three or four years explaining to the next 9/11 commission why we didn't do it."

Stop the insanity of those that have taken over our American Country in the pursuit of their own non-American & racial interests (jew Chertoff and the pro-jew PNAC people: Cheney, Rumsfeld, a Bush, a 9/11 commissioner, etc., etc.)

"Sibel Edmonds is one of those rare individuals who believes in the truth no matter how painful. She is an FBI whistleblower who knows a lot about 911. Ms. Edmonds has been gagged and threatened by your government, but now she is ready to name names no matter the consequences:

"Attention CBS 60 Minutes: we've got a huge scoop for you. If you want it. Remember the exclusive story you aired on Sibel Edmonds, originally on October 27th, 2002, when she was not allowed to tell you everything that she heard while serving as an FBI translator after 9/11 because she was gagged by the rarely-invoked "States Secret Privilege"? Well, she's still gagged..."But if you'll sit down and talk with her for an unedited interview, she has now told The Brad Blog during an exclusive interview, she will now tell you everything she knows. Everything she hasn't been allowed to tell since 2002, about the criminal penetration of the FBI where she worked, and at the Departments of State and Defense; everything she heard concerning the corruption and illegal activities of several well-known members of Congress; everything she's aware of concerning information omitted and/or covered up in relation to 9/11. All of the information gleaned from her time listening to and translating wire-taps made prior to 9/11 at the FBI."


Chertoff Created Terror Pretexts for U.S. Police State
Patrick Briley
February 21, 2005

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9/11: The Unraveling of the Official Story Continues
By Mark H. Gaffney

"Why was the CIA chief kept in the dark about the destruction of evidence deemed vital to the 9/11 investigation?."

FBI letter