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jeudi, avril 02, 2009

PM Brown: 'A New World Order Is Emerging'

This is the reason our economies were tanked..this is the reason we have been robbed...to force us into the New World Order.
This is the reason European people are rioting..they recognize the fascists when they see them.
This was the reason for 9-11, The Patriot Act, The Military commissions act and lets not forget the endless wars to secure all the oil supplies.
This is the reason they have been attacking the Constitution.
This is the reason Congress sold us out.
This is the reason for the attacks on the world's food supplies.
This is the reason for the attacks on the world's water supplies and why the BFEE bought up the worlds largest underground water supply in South America.
This is why elections were stolen and although international and American and Constitutional laws were broken by our leaders, we will see NO accountability.
This is why you have lost your jobs and homes.
This is the reason America has been set at each others throats and this is the reason that they will now be using the military in America on United States Citizens.
This is the New World Order...the rule of the rich over the rest of us..and one of the things they must do to control all money and trading etc..is to do away with money..and put us all on plastic/mark of the beast.
The powers that be feel that underground and black market money is not able to be taxed by them so by eliminating all cash...they have us by the balls so to speak.
You will not be able to buy or sell unless you give up your money and take their card.
This is why so many working class children have been made autistic with the shots, why so much bad medications and poisoned food supplies have hit our markets, and why Americans cannot have good medical care..because 40 million of us will have to die for this New World Order.
You will be a slave IF YOU ARE NOT OF ROYAL BLOOD OR FILTHY RICH ALREADY, (those of us that manage to live anyways).
Will you all just please WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!