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vendredi, avril 24, 2009

Madrid 3 11 False Flag Bombings

After years of police and prosecutors inquiries, after a trial lasting 4 months and a 700 pages sentence, we still do not know who planned, organized and carried out the Madrid terrorist attacks.


Who, when, how and why were the 11-M attacks planned?

What sort of explosive was used in the terrorist attack? Was "Goma - 2ECO" the murder weapon used, as we were initially and officially told? Why did they conceal the explosive analysis report from us the very same morning of the 11M? Why did Judge Bermúdez order the repetition of those analysis 3 years later?

In all terrorist attacks, Police bodies collect samples of the electronic parts at the explosion scenarios in order to identify the priming device used in the bombs. There were 12 explosions in the 11-M terrorist attacks in Madrid. 2 of those 12 bombs were detonated in a controlled way by the Police. Although oficially no electronic parts were found in any of the scenarios, the oficial version says the priming device used were mobile phones.

How is it possible not to find electronic parts at all in any of 12 scenarios? How can they know which priming deviced was used if no electronic parts was found?How can they know the priming device were mobile phones if not a single trace of them was found?

Unlike other "islamic terrorist attacks" such as 9/11 (New York) and the 7/7 (London), on the 3/11 Madrid train bombings, not a single image of the massacre perpetrators was taken. Who planted the bombs in the trains?. Where are the train stations surveillance cameras recordings?.


http://www.youtube.com/user/QS VTV