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dimanche, mars 08, 2009

VforVendetta NWO remix

from Iggy6 - This is an edit I did intertwining scenes from the movie V for Vendetta and what politicians are telling us today. You MUST watch this as it mimics exactly what is happening today! Its time to wake up. http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com

Read about Dov Zakheim, the comptroller of the Pentagon who "lost" 3.5 trillion dollars announced on 9-10-01 and ask yourself why the Pentagon was hit exactly where the accountants were on their first day on the job looking for the lost trillions. They all died and the accounting computers all destroyed. Ask yourself why a 757 would pull an impossible 270 degree low altitude almost sideways and turn to crash into a team of accountants when a straight on hit would have taken out many more people including Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and all the top brass. Makes no sense. Please turn off the TV and get the facts online before they shut it down and censor the truth.

They already are passing a phoney "anti-hate" bill that has nothing to do with anti-hate. It has to do killing the 1st Amendment. Your right to free speech. This "anti-hate" bill has been passed already in 11 countries in Europe and Canada and over 180 people have already been jailed for simply expressing their opinion on politics and/or history in just this past year. And not a light sentence either... 5 years, 10 years, for expressing or publishing alternative history based on scientific facts! They did not call anyone the "N word" or the "F" word. Again, nothing to do with protecting gays or blacks.

Also ask yourself why Harvard Professors Walt and Mearsheimer's book "The Israeli Lobby", despite having a number 1 best seller, haven't been allowed to speak at colleges? Or why a former president, Jimmy Carter, with another number 1 best seller, who is trying to stop the 60 year genocide of a whole race, is called dispicable names in the press for months? This coming from a nation that has terrorists elected as their prime minister! It was Israel's first prime minister who bombed the King David Hotel and killed 100's of innocent civilians. Not to mention Ariel Sharon, who oversaw the 1982 pillage of refugee camps were there were mass rapes, children and women murdered and buried in mass graves.

Which leads me back to the main problem. The press. Only five companies own 95 percent of the mass media. When you discover who owns the media, the press, and the movie studios, it will begin to make sense. Please take the time to study this and learn the truth before it's too late.