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jeudi, janvier 08, 2009

Bio-Weapons: The Choice of a Few to Reduce the Many--DON'T MISS THIS!

I've said before we should expect strong measures by the powers that be to reduce the population. This video explains that bio-weapons are already being contemplated for use, but no one knows for sure when that may happen. We also can't prove where they will come from, but I guarantee they won't be coming in with a flock of migrating birds. There may be ways to survive, but there are NO guarantees. At the very least I hope you'll try. Do some research into Dr. Scott Johnson's work, and learn what you can do. Also check out Alma True Ott's series (available on my vlog) called THE BIRD FLU HOAX, and Rima Laibow's research. (Jeff Rense's interview with Rima Laibow can be found in its entirety on my channel.) Do some homework, folks. You never know...