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dimanche, décembre 28, 2008


What is the National Initiative for Democracy?

The National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D) is a proposed Constitutional amendment which recognizes the Peoples' right to make laws and a federal law which spells out orderly procedures for the People to develop and vote on laws.

The Democracy Amendment, a proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, will: 1. recognize the legislative power of the people to make laws
2. permit the people to amend the constitution by holding two successive elections, more than six months but less than one year apart
3. sanction the election for The National Initiative permitting the enactment of the Democracy Amendment and the Democracy Act (*),
4. create the Electoral Trust to administer the procedures established by the Democracy Amendment and Act,
5. outlaw the use of funds from non-natural persons (for example corporate funds) in initiative elections under this article, and
6. outlaw non-natural persons (for example corporations) from sponsoring initiatives under this article.

The Democracy Act, a proposed federal law, will: 1. set out deliberative procedures to be used by citizens to create laws by initiative,
2. describe the key responsibilities of the Electoral Trust which shall administer the initiative process on behalf of the people,
3. appropriate funds for the Electoral Trust from the United States Treasury, and
4. specify the threshold of affirmative votes needed to enact this legislation (*).

The National Initiative does not change or eliminate Congress, the President, or the judicial system. Laws created by initiative must still stand up in the courts just like laws created by Congress. The National Initiative adds an additional check the People to our system of checks and balances, while setting up a working partnership between the People and their elected representatives.

Voting "yes" means that you are for the Democracy Amendment and Democracy Act
Voting "no" means that you are against the Democracy Amendment and Democracy Act

(*) This legislation will be considered enacted when the number of affirmative votes ex half the exceeds the total number of government-validated votes cast in the presidential election occurring immediately prior to this election's certification. A total of 131,131,981 people voted in the 2008 presidential election, therefore at this time 65,565,991 "yes" votes for the National Initiative are required.
Vote to ratify Sen. Gravel's National Initiative for Democracy!
Founders Quotes

"Each generation has a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its happiness."

"The People were, in fact, the fountain of all power, and by resorting to them, all difficulties were got over. They could alter constitutions as they pleased."

"All power is originally in the People and should be exercised by them in person, if that could be done with convenience, or even with a little difficulty."

"What I want is to get done what the People would have me do. The problem for me is how to find out what that is exactly." (Not a Founder, but still a pretty good guy.)