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lundi, novembre 10, 2008

Mayan Cave to the Underworld Found

And in Mexico, archaeologists have discovered a maze of stone temples and underground caves, which the Mayans believed was a portal to the underworld. You may want to turn on the lights and find a comforting stuffed animal before watching this. Here's more:

Xibalba - the place of fear - believed by Mayans, long ago, to be the
entrance to the underworld, ruled by the spirits of disease and death.

Mexican archeologists have discovered a maze of stone temples in underwater caverns - a new candidate for the home of the Xibalba myth.

At this site in the Yucatan peninsula, there are the ruins of eleven
temples, many dry chambers linked by a 100-metre underground road which contain what may be human bones - possibly the remains of sacrifices.

For the Mexican researchers, it's an exciting find:

[Guillermo de Anda, Archeologist]:
"As in all Mayan caves, this one contains archeological material that
can provide us with a lot of information about Cenote culture and the caves in general. This place is an important place because we have found two very elaborate temples built here inside the cave which are very difficult to get to."

The Mayans built soaring pyramids and elaborate palaces in Central America and southern Mexico before mysteriously abandoning their cities around 900 A.D.