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dimanche, octobre 12, 2008

World Bank Take Over Of G7!

New Zealand. Listen far and wide. You have a national election just weeks away. The Citizens of New Zealand you must demand from Parliament that all currency by the Reserve Bank be backed by Gold.

Robert Zollick who looks like the "Monopoly Board Game Cartoon" basically wishes to disclose national sovereignty of nations.

Since NZ is not named in this statement by Zollick, the time is now to fully lock down New Zealand from the New World Order.

"In the wake of global economic fears, World Bank chief Robert Zoellick has proposed a new multilateral steering group 'suiting our times' to replace the G7, which he attacked as 'no longer effective'. Such a group would include not only the rich nations, but also emerging powers like China, India and Brazil and would be more flexible'."

Now, notice the dynamite revelation of this next segment!

'We will not create a new world simply by remaking the old. It should be numberless, flexible, and over time, it could evolve."

The bottom line agenda of this planned disaster is to buy the old system (Capitalism) so it can be replaced by the government controlled, government regulated system (Fascist). Once these chieftains are finished, Capitalism will not exist in any part of the developed world. That is the plan and that is the reason for all this financial disaster.

The world is getting very close to this kind of complete financial overhaul.

This next news quote reveals just how pervasive this new "Constricting Global Body" is planned to be, at least initially!

"Such a proposal offers the solution of further constriction, like a python, to supercede the G7 and impose greater world control. Zoellick envisions that new reforms would 'bring together over 70 percent of the worlds gross domestic product, 56 percent of the world population, 62 percent of global energy production, the worlds major carbon emitters, big donor countries, and the main players in global capital, commodity, and exchange rate markets'.

The scope of this plan is truly breathtaking! In one fell swoop, this Illuminati Insider is revealing the immediate goal of this planned crisis. Before the Masonic Christ arises, the economies of the entire world will fall under the control of this "python". But, for now, virtually the entire developed world is falling under this control.

Now, Zoellick utters the words, New World Order.

"Zoellick joins numerous banks and leaders such as Gordon Brown in calling for a 'new financial world order'. He also echoes proposals last month from Jeffrey Garten, a protege of Bilderberger Henry Kissinger, for a new global monetary authority ... sovereignty, as it states here, would be a vestigial formality under the new world body as it seduces in its new victims. Again, the World Bank and IMF would be the real power behind the chic new-multilateral group, and would clearly make key decisions..."

Thus, this plan calls for individual national sovereignty to be surrendered to the global authorities, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Can you see the new global financial order developing here? This financial system will evolve into the global system of Revelation 13 in the Bible.

Now, we learn that both Democrat and Republican Parties are "in lock-step" with this plan.
"Zoellick points out that both Obama and McCain are in lock-step on the decision to 'strengthen the sinews of Americas ties with the world'. Therefore it is clear that either new president would support such widespread reforms with almost unquestionable obedience ... Therefore, Zoellick said challenging times will require the World Bank and the IMF to step in and act quickly."