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dimanche, septembre 07, 2008

A Realistic Perspective on Why Bush Wants to Attack Iran

Unocal proposed building the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline to congress in 1998 to provide oil and natural gas to several Asian markets. Regardless of their stated intentions, they had to pull the ruling Taliban away from agreements they had with the Bridas Corp to convince them to sign on with Unocal instead (which by then had the backing of the US government). Enter Iran as the new kid on the block. They offered a pipeline to cross the southern part of Pakistan which would cover less harsh territory and cause far fewer tribal disputes over pumping oil and gas to India and Pakistan. Do you see a conflict here? I find it interesting that none of this information has ever been covered by the American news media. It took a while, but I found an Indian news source that DID discuss their pending oil deal with Iran and Pakistan. (Fortunately, it's in english.) It seems the only thing holding up the deal are the changes in Pakistan's government (and the fact that we've pushed them into a civil war). The policies of our administration seem to be geared toward protecting Unocal's (now Chevron's) interests by backing up the construction of the Trans-Afghan Pipeline with military forces. The only way our military can do that safely is by committing genocide since the local tribes don't want us there. So I guess it's time to ask yourself if you want your children getting shot at for the sake of oil?