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jeudi, septembre 18, 2008

On 6-6-6:Bush Announces Mark of The Beast System

First Off, I want to apologize for the poor video quality, when I heard the Completely Corrupt Bush announcing the Mark of the Beast system, I was in a room that only had a old-school VCR and a well used tape. But the video and what Bush said was clear enough to know what time it is. How appropriate, that on 06/06/06, Bush announces the Biometric Mark of the Beast system. Now the AC Bush speaks of the Biometric IDs for foreign workers, to start with, but this is only the reason given to implement the infrastructure of the Mark. You all know that what starts with one group soon appplies to all. 666 is here. Everyone, feel priviledged that you live in the last days. Prepare, GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER!!! STEEL YOUR SPIRIT, MIND, AND BODY. THE TIME IS AT HAND. HEED THE OMEN !!!