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vendredi, août 15, 2008

Internal Suspicionless Border Patrol Checkpoint July 18th 08

July 18th 2008 Internal Suspicionless Border Patrol Checkpoint

This checkpoint is about 60 miles from the border. To go from Phoenix AZ to LA he hit 5 checkpoints. These "Immigration checkpoints" and Martial Law checkpoints continue to pop up. New Orleans, DC, Chicago......Is your neighborhood next? Notice in this video that the border patrol NEVER asks him a question other than to stop filming him and to ALLOW him to search him by exiting the vehicle. This whole time the "officer" keeps using circular logic to try and trick the passenger to exit the vehicle. The reasonable suspicion that he states is also circular logic. You're suspicious because your evading questioning..Then that means that you have the right to search everyone that questions you? No officer Villanueva, that's not how it works

No you do not have the right to touch the vehicle. No you do not have the right to open the door of a vehicle. No you do not have the right to remove someone from the car without grounds. There was a lot that happened after the camera was turned off. The officer admitted that he knew it was private property on film right before it turns off. After this they continued to try and trick them to allow them to search the car. He asked the officer "What's the purpose of the stop" to which he replied "Immigration checkpoint".. So why do they have drug dogs and want to search the car? Can dogs smell illegal aliens? Can anyone else see right through this??????